About Us

About Shuttle

Established in 1983, Shuttle Inc. is a leading transnational company driven by innovation and commitment to quality for products that include mini-PCs, notebooks, netbooks, Tablets and networking devices for consumer, commercial and education segment.

The Shuttle family of product line includes,
OBM (Own Branding and Manufacturing) – mini-PC by sub-brand XPC, network-attached storage by sub-brand OMNINAS, tablet based education total solution by sub-brand EDUPAL. ODM (Own Design and Manufacturing) – Notebook, Netbook, AIO form factor and Tablet

Creativity of EduPal

Since 2010, Shuttle Inc. has been dedicated to develop competitive services with development strategies as well as enhancing application integration. The brand of EduPal is one of the best examples of this development of services and applications for digital education.

With the goal of providing a long lasting digital education ecosystem, Shuttle Inc. has been working with education specialists, teaching material provides, publishers and middle schools for quite some time to build a portable heaven for learning that allows teachers and students to interact closely in the process of reading. This is the start of EduPal solution for interactive management system for learning.

EduPal eBook total solution does not only virtually turn anyplace into a teaching place, and any device into a teaching one; it also makes reading something enjoyable with fun in interactivity of learning, and interface that is easy to use even for young children.

Furthermore, Shuttle Inc. has designed EduPal Digital Library, a system that not only provides vast amount of eBook collection available for loan, but also keeps track of students' reading activities, and develop suitable training suggestions accordingly. It is the ultimate automation of reading and learning training mechanism.