EduPal Digital Library

Service Description

EduPal Digital Library provides trouble-free and friendly reading experiences with vast amount of eBook collection for choice and pain-free as well as intuitive reading, book loan, and book returning experiences. With EduPal Digital Library services, reading becomes an experience without limitation of time and space.


  • Smart and easy library book loan
  • eBook loan anytime and anywhere
  • trouble-free and consistent user experiences on all devices
  • vast amount of eBook collection in various genres

EduPal Online Content Management System

Platform Description

EduPal Online Content Management System is designed based on teachers' needs for an easy-to-use tool that allows them to observe students' reading condition, and to adjust book loan rules for specific purposes. The system is meant to make it more flexible, convenient and efficient for teachers to control and monitor students' reading activities of eBook than that of printed ones.


  • consistent reading experiences on various devices
  • fast and convenient book loan
  • detailed personal and group reading history
  • rights management adjustment
  • allowing eBook conversion and uploading by teachers